Myrio Tx Biosciences is a privately-owned biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2009, Myrio Tx Biosciences started to build and develop the world’s fastest antibody discovery platform.


Myrio Tx Biosciences is collaborating with some of the world’s leading institutions, working on a diverse range of targets, including endogenous retroviruses and patient-specific neoantigens. These collaborations have demonstrated the utility of Myrio Tx Biosciences’ human scFv in bispecific and CAR-T formats. Their strategy is to work with partners to develop therapeutics against specific targets while also establishing spin-outs or joint-ventures to clinically develop specific assets.


Myrio Tx Biosciences were interested in relocating their existing facility (including PC2 laboratory) at Scoresby to Blackburn North. PharmOut scope of work was generally allow for the ‘tech transfer’ of existing equipment to the new space/s within a general laboratory area and dedicated PC2 laboratory, as well as consideration for common utilities/services space, general storage, dangerous goods storage, offices and amenities.

Scope of Work:Concept Design, Preliminary and Detailed Design.
Area BreakdownOffice Laboratory - XX%
Estimated Value of Project AUD $:.5 Million
Project StatusDesign phase has been completed
Construction phase to be finished by August 2021
Facility Size m2:1350
Client:Affinity Biosciences Pty Ltd
Referee Contact Name and Details:Referees for specific projects available on request

3D images for Myrio Tx Biosciences project