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Pharmaceutical News | July 2019 Publications

Case Study published on a project for ANTG. 

Synopsis: TGA and ODC licencing for two medicinal cannabis industry facilities in Australia (GMP and EU GMP compliant engineering designs and processing systems) for future exportation to the European market

  • Global corporation
  • Seeking cannabis consultancy for facility design/architecture, process engineering and SOPs for GMP and EU GMP
  • From site selection investigations through to Licensing and GMP processing

Approach: PharmOut’s top cannabis consultants used a ‘digital engineering’ approach to model-up the existing and proposed conditions in three dimensions. These models were used throughout the entire design and construction process. The entire project was ‘process-driven’ in developing designs through an understanding of the prescriptive requirements of the facility’s capacity and capability.

ANTG medicinal cannabis EU-GMP Facility case study

Read the ANTG Medicinal Cannabis Facility and GMP Engineering project case study.

PharmOut’s expert Cannabis Consultants presented at Protected Cropping Australia’s Gold Coast Conference held on the 7th of July 2019 in Queensland, Australia.

Synopsis: Licensing, Regulation & Design of Medicinal Cannabis Facilities (Research Abstract)

PharmOut’s Director, Trevor Schoerie, and Cannabis Cultivation Expert Matthew Hayes attended the 2019 Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) conference held in July.

Highlights of Matt’s presentation included: the potential value of cannabis crops in Australia, the impacts of recent regulation, and the time it takes to receive a cannabis cultivation licence.

PharmOut’s cannabis cultivation research presentation included:


“I’m glad Matt laid out a clear pathway to cannabis cultivation including realistic timelines,” noted PharmOut’s Director, Trevor Schoerie. “As a leading GMP practitioner with over 20 years pharmaceutical experience, I’m astonished just how misinformation there is out there about this industry.”

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