Medicinal Cannabis Training South Africa


Medicinal Cannabis Training South Africa

Cannabis Training South Africa – October 2019 with international cannabis industry experts Trevor Schoerie, and PharmOut’s International Director of Cultivation, Robert Shearer.

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training in South Africa – 2 days


Upcoming Courses in Cannabis Cultivation:  The next training courses for Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation in South Africa are on hold, we are offering virtual training.

These courses will overview Medicinal Cannabis cultivation considerations, pharmaceutical manufacturing considerations, and engineering and design requirements to meet GMP/EU-GMP requirements).


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Upcoming training courses for cannabis industry cultivators, horticulturalists, professionals and cultivators.

We also have 5-day intensive cultivation training courses for cultivation personnel and workshops for business owners (held in Australia), as well as international cannabis licence application assistance support and cannabis business site selection and facility architecture/design services / GMP compliance support, and regulatory audit response support.

Day 1 – Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course

  • Cultivation and Regulations

    • licencing, permits and regulatory requirements
    • overview of industry-specific regulations and guidelines in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production
  • Cultivation systems and practical crop care requirements

    • irrigation, nutrition, climate controls
    • heating, cooling, ventilation
    • propagation (cloning, grow systems), indoor, greenhouse and outdoor
  • Cannabis varieties, phenotype, chemotype

    • seeds, tissue culture, clones
    • growth stages
    • pre-harvest and post-harvest
  • Common plant diseases and pests

    • identification
    • management

Day 2 – GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and basic EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Introduction to regulations and compliance in the medicinal cannabis industry

Discussion of quality management systems (QMS), including hygiene, what makes a batch, batch traceability, basic record keeping (Good Documentation Practices or GDocP)

  • Good Agricultural Practice GAP (pre-harvest)

    • EU Good Agricultural Practice – GAP guidance
    • WHO Good Agricultural & Collection Practice – GACP guidance
  • Part 1 – Good Manufacturing Practice (final dosage forms)

    • regulatory requirements, site master file, pharmaceutical quality system
    • 9 chapters on GMP
  • Part 2 – Good Manufacturing Practice (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

    • irrigation, nutrition, climate controls
    • heating, cooling, ventilation
    • propagation (cloning, grow systems), indoor, greenhouse and outdoor
  • Annex 7 – Herbal medicinal products (flower products)


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Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course – Australia, New Zealand and South Africa


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