IVD Regulatory Consultants

IVD regulatory consultants to help with your IVD Registration

The IMDRF (Global Harmonisation Task Force) and many country-specific regulations have separate classification systems for IVD devices, typically based on risk to the patient.

It can be a confusing and difficult exercise to determine which classification your device falls into within each different set of regulations. For example, the IMDRF (old) GHTF classifcations are:



Low Individual Risk and Low Public Health Risk

Clinical Chemistry Analyser, prepared selective culture media


Moderate Individual Risk and/or Low Public Health Risk

Vitamin B12, Pregnancy self testing,
Anti-Nuclear Antibody, Urine test strips


High Individual Risk and/or Moderate Public Health Risk

Blood glucose self testing, HLA typing,
PSA screening, Rubella


High Individual Risk and High Public Health Risk

HIV Blood donor screening, HIV Blood diagnostic

Using our extensive experience and regulatory contacts, IVD regulatory consultants can help you work out the right classification for your IVD and prepare the dossiers that need to be submitted to the regulatory bodies.

IVD Manufacturing Licences

We can assist in setting up the systems needed to get the appropriate certifications from regulatory bodies. Typically, an ISO 13485 (similar to the US QSR 820) compliance Quality Management System (QMS) is required for IVDs. We can help you build one from scratch or fix the one you already have.

Compliance Problems

If you are preparing or recovering from a regulatory audit, we can help you determine your level of compliance and/or solve specific GMP compliance issues. This may include conducting a mock audit or reviewing the findings from a regulatory audit to determine the best course of action.

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