Australian Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course

Australian and New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course (Masterclass)

In Australia and New Zealand, the cultivation and manufacture of Medicinal Cannabis is heavily regulated. This can be a challenge for companies even with considerable international experience, as the GMP regulatory system is very different to what they may be accustomed to in terms of cultivation processes, record-keeping requirements, quality assurance and licencing and permit requirements.

In addition, as you design, build, validate and operate your Medicinal Cannabis facility, you will bump into a host of additional red tape and practical problems. However, this course is focused on the above and a host of practical cultivation tips.  For a full list of our best GMP courses and training topics in validation, testing, data integrity and CAPA, click here.

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To solve this challenge, this Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course (a 1-Day Masterclass) is hot off the press.

The Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation training course will cover Quality by Design topics including:

  • ODC, TGA and Poisons Licensing Requirements (for Australians)
  • Practical suggestions on the GMP and workflow requirements for Facility Design

Good Agricultural Practices: Sustainability meets flexibility

  • Climate control  Temperature/humidity and sensor location, CO2 levels based on plant stage and safety, vapour pressure deficit (VPD), condensation and air movement
  • Cleaning/Safety/Security– Products on the market, scrub out, bathroom use, air showers, workflow, spray bottles, flags and bucket designations (colors). PPE – big topic. 
  • Medical Cannabis Plant CultureLeaf and root zone temperature, leading meter solutions, trellis, transplant, strain selection, mediums, mom/clone room, tissue culture, pot size, seed storage and implementation
  • Nutrients– In-house raw salt vs brand name nutrients, run-off testing, compliance requirements (general), plant stage vs plant effects
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management)– Organic vs. non organic, workflow, strategy, preventative approach, PPE, blue/yellow sticky traps, green waste bin/locations, inventory in-take.
  • Extraction– Various methods and considerations – End product, strain selection and cannabinoid profile
  • End product – Tablets, soft gel capsules, transdermal patches, gummies, chocolates, vape
  • Systems/SOPs– BMS options, water recapture, redundancy/backup, plant tag, security/alarms, door access, workflow, check-lists
  • Manufacturers– Greenhouse, BMS, materials, mediums, meters, packaging, irrigation, lighting, tier racks (vertical farm)
  • Post-Harvest– Flower vs Extraction (end product). Drying racks (spacing, mesh, shaker box), wet vs. dry, hand trim vs. machine trim, scales, packaging, flash dry, air quality, filters, masks, employee safety
  • Flower media/pictures with description (i.e.: terpenes, cannabinoids, colour)
    • Storage– Tupperware, glass, turkey bags, buckets
    • Green Waste –Proper disposal and chipping options

Facility design – Indoor vs. Greenhouse vs Outdoor – Facility Location (considerations), water, electric, neighbours, climate, soil reports, NO drywall if possible – NRP paneling, supplemental light, charcoal vs HEPA filter system, GH roof/shade options, floor drains, roof height, flex-space, delivery/shipping, inventory, UVC sterilization, light vestibules, MJ light sensitivity, floor paint, bench/tray design, trellis

  • Climate: Temp, Humidity, CO2, VPD, air movement
  • Irrigation: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Drip, RO systems – TDS, pH, etc
  • Lighting/plant zone– LED, HPS, MH, CMH, greenlight, incandescent
  • Vertical Farm: Systems/considerations

What you will learn in the 1-Day Training Course

The course will provide participants with an understanding of:

  • Which licencing, GACP, GMP regulatory requirements apply to your specific operations.
  • The practical application of the GACP and GMP objectives for facility design, construction and commissioning.
  • The requirements of PIC/S and other international GMPs, and its application in the Medicinal Cannabis workplace

Course materials

  • Participants will receive a copy of the presentation(s), relevant notes and workshop materials. A certificate of completion for each module will be issued to participants who successfully complete the assessment.


  • A written assessment is conducted at the end of the day.

Course format

  • The “Australian and New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis” Cultivation Training Course is a combination of lecture-style learning and active practical activities with participants working in small groups on assigned tasks.


Who should attend?

  • Cultivation personal at all levels
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control personnel
  • Operations and Manufacturing personnel in GAP and GMP areas
  • Engineering & Automation personnel
  • Anyone interested in learning about or improving their knowledge of Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation or understanding cannabis industry requirements

Cost of Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation (Regulatory Overview)

AUD $400.00 + 10% GST

Prices are per person and include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

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Note the Medicinal Cannabis Academy is also offering 5-day intensive training courses in Cannabis Cultivation in late 2019. Register your interest by sending an email.

Register for the 1-Day Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Masterclass  – or attend the National GMP Forum.

Event Venue Date
Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference 2020 Sofitel Melbourne on Collins
  • 23/03/2020 8:30 am