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View GMP eLearning courses bundled for specific industries – GMP eLearning courses can help you understand PICS (GMP) | PICS members include TGA, FDA and other regulatory bodies 

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We also offer classroom based GMP training anywhere in the world.

We also have a full range of Medicinal Cannabis eLearning courses.

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Our Online GMP Training courses are perfect for those busy professionals in the life science industry with the regulatory requirement of initial and ongoing online GMP training, or to quickly and cost-effectively train operators and factory staff read about the benefits of eLearning GMP training.


Courses start from $30 USD and are available on-demand, with access for 365 days.

These courses can also be customised for your company, including branding and content, and operate on our validated cloud platform on our new servers validated on online GMP training site. The courses are designed to comply with Tin Can API standard; therefore the content can be uploaded to your in-house Learning Management System (LMS), read more about the move.

The site has been upgraded to comply with the latest cutting education standards.

Not sure what the difference between the two most popular content standards? The key factors that will help you decide which eLearning standard you should invest in is clearly Tin Can API, which replaces the old SCORM standard.

A little about why we upgraded our GMP eLearning courses and the benefits of the new technology.

Four Tin Can API Benefits

The old SCORM standard was sufficient for users who just want to deliver and report on relatively simple online courses. As a newer technology, the Tin Can API has the following four clear advantages.

  1. Tin Can API reliability
    We switched to the Tin Can API protocol, as it was developed more recently and more compatible with modern User Interfaces UIs. We have noticed that with our old site we frequently helped clients with SCORM issues, especially on legacy browsers
  2. Improved tracking
    With the combination of Tin Can API and our Learning Management System (LMS) and the way we upload content we can track the progress of staff through there learning experience. While SCORM is confined to tracking desktop courses, Tin Can is more suited to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) landscape. The older SCORM’s technology is especially unreliable on browsers like Safari and devices like iPad, this is why we have deployed our Online GMP Training on a cutting-edge CMS and VPS servers for a richer experience.
  3. Richer data and user experience
    The technical detail of Tin Can allows it to understand and communicate more effectively with richer data, in a more robust fashion than SCORM. The best GMP Learning Management System (LMS) will allow you to create, and automate reports based on the detailed data Tin Can xAPI tracks.
  4. Tin Can is constantly improving
    We decided that Tin Can is the better option if we needed to future proof your eLearning content and online training experience.

All our courses are assessed online and generate a certificate of completion for your training compliance records.

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