GMP Forum 2017

GMP & Engineering Forum 2017 Schedule

The GMP, Engineering & Validation Forum in 2017 with the kind help from the sponsors we managed to facilitate the 7th GMP & Validation Forum on Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th July 2017, followed by Master Classes on the 26th and 27th July.

  1. Sterile / Aseptic Manufacturing,
  2. Process Validation & Statistics (includes new version 13 Annex 15)
  3. PIC/S Version 13, (includes the new version 13, Annex 11, Data Integrity)

The 2017 GMP Forum Schedule

Below is the 2017 schedule to give you an insight into the breadth of topics covered at the 2017 forum. As you can see it was feature packed with over 50 presentations across the 3 tracks.

This event is now complete, to view upcoming Forums please visit the GMP Forum page.