Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation – Training Course & Dinner Update

End of Year Dinner

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course

PharmOut will be hosting a training course on growing medical cannabis and then turning it into medicinal cannabis products.

The course will focus on the cultivation, production and manufacture of Medicinal Cannabis, the practical questions around the most efficient facility design and your design choices within the constraints of the ODC and TGA regulations. We will discuss practical problems you may face as you design, build, validate and operate your Medicinal Cannabis facility.

Facilitating the training will be international speaker Andy Exner, a Master Grower based in the PharmOut San Francisco office and Trevor Schoerie, arguably the leading Australian Medicinal Cannabis Consultant.

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Andy Exner - Master Grower, PharmOut

Trevor Schoerie - General Manager, PharmOut

*The intent of this training course is to help educate prospective growers, priority will be given to those registrations.

IDT Pharmaceutical Plant Tour

IDT AustraliaIDT Australia has kindly agreed to host a free site tour from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm of their Pharmaceutical Plant located at 45 Wadhurst Dr, Boronia VIC 3155.

If you are attending either the Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training course or Industry Update dinner you are invited. Please drop me a quick email ( before the end of business on November 23 if you would like to come along. Transportation will not be provided, but hopefully, we can arrange to carpool on the day to accommodate all.

A little about IDT

Founded in 1975 IDT Australia is an innovative science and technology company providing expert pharmaceutical services both locally and globally, specialising in high containment, high potency manufacture of API and finished dose products (including beta lactams), microbiological and analytical testing, clinical packaging, and pharmacy services. IDT is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide offering a flexible comprehensive service from early stage API development through to finished drug formulation, clinical trial research and scaled commercial manufacturing for global distribution and initial drug development through to clinical trials in their fully cGMP compliant facilities.

Today, the IDT business includes:

  • Research and Development
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and finished dosage form manufacture, clinical and commercial
  • Project Management
  • Chemical Services
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical development in all dosage forms
  • Clinical packaging for early phase clinical trials

For more information about IDT visit:

End of Year Update Dinner

Following the cannabis cultivation training course will be hosting our last update dinner for the year.

We are excited this year to bring you three separate topics and speakers, the fist will be Trevor Schoerie, talking about how the medical cannabis industry will disrupt a number of industries. We are already seeing the impact of the medicinal cannabis industry on the Pharmaceutical employment market and the predicted growth over the last few years.

This event will make for an interesting and fascinating evening for those interested in this rapidly expanding, new industry. This expansion is creating wonderful opportunities for traditional pharmaceutical professionals looking for new challenges and opportunities.

We will also hear from John Ryan, CEO of the Penington Institute around the growing issue of prescription drug addiction. Opioid-related deaths are increasing rapidly in the United States and now becoming an issue here in Australia.

PharmOut’s Learning and Development Director Maria Mylonas hot off the plane from the UK will provide an update on her trip to the MHRA GMDP Symposium being held on the 19-22 November in London. Maria will present the top GDP and GMP audit findings and elaborate on these so you know what the biggest issues are as we are heading into full implementation of PIC/S version 13 on the 1st January 2019.

Medicinal Cannabis Training Course

Exclusive medicinal cannabis training course, featuring international speaker Andy Exner, Master Grower.

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PharmOut End of Year Dinner

Come along and join us for an end of year dinner, catch up with colleagues and hear about the Medicinal Cannabis Boom.

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