Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation – Training Course & Dinner Update

End of Year Dinner

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training Course & Dinner

PharmOut will be hosting a training course, plant tour* and a dinner update, on growing medical cannabis and then turning it into medicinal cannabis products.

This is a fascinating, booming new industry, that is rapidly expanding. This expansion is creating wonderful opportunities for traditional pharmaceutical professionals looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Who better to learn from but Andy Exner, a Master Grower based in our San Francisco office and Trevor Schoerie, arguably the leading Australian Medicinal Cannabis Consultant.

PharmOut has an enviable record of handling the most ODC license applications, and the first TGA licensed medicinal cannabis manufacturing facility.

As this dinner is the last dinner update of the year, we have chosen a topic that will make this an interesting and fascinating evening.

This dinner will follow our full day course on growing medical cannabis in Australian conditions.

The graphic below talks to perfect medical cannabis growing conditions. Namely water, nutrients, carbon dioxide, lighting, temperature, and humidity.

Perfect medical cannabis growing conditions

* The plant tour is subject to a number of external factors and still under negotiation.

Medicinal Cannabis Training Course

Exclusive medicinal cannabis training course, featuring international speaker Andy Exner, Master Grower.

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PharmOut End of Year Dinner

Come along and join us for an end of year dinner, catch up with colleagues and hear about the Medicinal Cannabis Boom.

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