Details for Speakers

If you’ve agreed to be a speaker at our conference then you’ll probably want to know a little more detail!

What happens next?

You will get an email with a registration code and a link to the event ticketing page. All speakers attend for free!


If you’re a speaker, it would help us greatly to know a little more information, please fill out the questionnaire here.

What presentation tools are provided?

  • Lectern and podium
  • Laptop with PowerPoint
  • Projector
  • Clicker
  • Microphone


What are the travel arrangements?

PharmOut do not currently cover any travel arrangements, if you are travelling from overseas or interstate you will need to book your flight and accommodation.

A week before…

We will call or email you in order to confirm your attendance. Please also send us the final version of your presentation.

On the day…

When you arrive at the event, go straight to the front desk and notify them that you are a speaker at the event. Please let us know if there are any last minute changes to your presentation!