Mindset 4.0 Masterclass – Virtual


Mindset 4.0 Masterclass – Virtual

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Mindset 4.0 (MEL-15-06-22 AEST) $495.00 (AUD)*  

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  • Mindset 4.0 (MEL-15-06-22 AEST)
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

When it comes to Mindset and change readiness in Pharma 4.0, one must take into account that agility is the number one criteria for survival in a globally competitive marketplace. The same holds for all professionals who focus on change management and continuous improvement initiatives.

Mindset 4.0 Masterclass covers all you need to know about innovation and change readiness. Designed by one of Australia’s most sought-after creative minds, this Mindset 4.0 Masterclass course explores the “What, Why, How and What Next” of business innovation. It allows participants to test-drive simple yet powerful thinking tools for generating, developing, testing and prioritising fresh thinking to help solve problems, including adapting to technological disruptions and other industry developments. The course is designed for individuals working with continuous improvements, industry disruption and rapid sector changes, and GMP requirements in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cannabis manufacturing and related sectors.

The course is also ideal for University staff, service teams and production team leaders, and anyone adjusting to innovation and industry changes. The Mindset 4.0 masterclass will suit all professionals who work in organisational change management, thought leadership, innovation initiatives and continuous improvement.  Held in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, or contact us for an onsite session at your organisation.