Carl Bufe

Director of Pharmacovigilance Services

About Carl,

Carl has over 20 years of healthcare experience. He has held various roles in Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical trials, and Quality Management. Apart from his systems, patient, and risk-based approach , he focuses on providing value-adding, cost-efficient and regulatory-sound solutions for his clients.

Carl is a qualified pharmacist and auditor with further qualifications in commerce, risk management and quality system. As a pharmacovigilance professional , he has worked with industry leaders, colleagues, and high-performing staff,  various multinational and Australian-specific clients on multiple projects. These projects required him to engage and collaborate with teams in the USA, UK, EU, China, and various ASEAN countries. As regional specific contact person and regulatory intelligence subject matter specialist, he has participated in multiple regulatory inspections (i.e., EMA, TGA and Health Canada).

Carl is passionate about partnering with clients and driving efficiencies.