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Wireless Sensors in a GMP Environment

FDA inspection – 483 citation tracking

FDA Citation Tracking Tool Updated October 2022
I’m excited to share that QikSolve has helped us to update track and trend all the FDA inspection 483 citations from 20011 to 2021, the tool dynamically scrapes data from various live websites …

FDA Metrics tracker

Updated FDA 483 citations analytics tool

This popular blog has been updated in 2022 with the latest FDA data.

As we all know there has been an increasing regulatory emphasis on the importance of Quality Metrics. Where there is a demand, there will also follow a …


TGA Medicinal Cannabis

I’m often asked to clarify the difference between TGA Medicinal Cannabis and EU GMP Medicinal Cannabis, i.e. who is that has the highest “Gold Standard” for Medicinal Cannabis? I suspect this has come about because many are trying to …


Can Australia be a global leader in Medicinal Cannabis?

In August 2016, PharmOut tendered and won a contract to assist a client to obtain a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Licence for a manufacturing facility, and in April 2017 they received their licence. This was …


Medicinal Cannabis Training South Africa

Cannabis Training South Africa – October 2019 with international cannabis industry experts Trevor Schoerie, and PharmOut’s International Director of Cultivation, Robert Shearer.
Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Training in South Africa – 2 days
Upcoming Courses in Cannabis Cultivation:  The next training courses …


How to get QA buy-in to clean room turn down

Clean room turn down is a growing discussion in the Pharma industry and is usually reflected in corporate policy; if you google ‘sustainability’ and a top ten pharma company name, you’ll find taglines like GSK’s “Our Planet – Our …


Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Consultant joins PharmOut

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Consultant
PharmOut’s medicinal cannabis consultants utilise strategic site selection, facility architecture, cleanroom designs, cultivation automation and climate controls, and other cutting-edge equipment to enhance crop value and reduce medicinal cannabis cultivation and GMP and EU GMP pharmaceutical …

5 Top Cannabis Cultivation Tips

5 Top Cannabis Cultivation Tips – Facility Design

Though the Medicinal Cannabis Industry in Australia relatively green, across the pond in Canada and the US, the industry has been growing for some time, we would like to share our Top Cannabis Cultivation Tips — facility design(s). As …