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United Buildings – are they a solution in times of Crisis?

(Human) needs unquestionably shape the built environment – meaning that buildings are designed and constructed to meet people’s fundamental needs. What if these needs change suddenly for some completely unexpected reasons – such as a pandemic outbreak endangering the …


What are the egress requirements of a manufacturing facility?

As a multidisciplinary Architectural & Engineering team, we get asked a lot of questions relating to the application of the National Construction Code (NCC) through the design phase of (pharmaceutical) facilities in Australia. A common question relates to the …


Large Isolated Building, Fire Loads and Fire Compartments

In general, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities (usually of Class 7 and 8) tend to occupy large areas and volumes (large isolated buildings), due to the nature of the operations (such as tall process equipment availability, high capacity storage, etc.). In …


Building Classification – Pharmaceutical Facility Design

What class of building is my facility?
As architects and engineers, we get asked a lot of questions about pharmaceutical facility design. A common question relates to building classification – this is a critical initial step as it has a …