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Vapour-phase Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) or Vapour-phase Hydrogen Peroxide Systems (VHP) as it’s more commonly known, has been used for many years as a contactless method of decontaminating cleanrooms and hospitals. It has also seen use most recently in indoor …


Pre-use Post Sterilisation Integrity Testing – PUPSIT

What is Pre-use Post Sterilisation Integrity Testing (PUPSIT)?
PUPSIT stands for pre-use post sterilisation integrity testing. PUPSIT is performed once your sterilising filter is installed to ensure that the sterilisation and installation process has not damaged your sterilisation filter prior …


Pharmaceutical Industry news

Latest Pharmaceutical Industry NEWS from PharmOut’s Experts and GMP Consultants
This page contains brief overviews of PharmOut’s top 10 blogs in the medicinal cannabis cultivation and exportation sector, pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality management/risk management (QRM), bio-medicines, manufacturing sciences/pharmaceutical engineering, veterinary medicine …

autoclave detector

Air Detectors in a GMP environment

What are they and where did they come from?
Air detectors were first developed in the textiles industry where autoclaves are used in a process called ‘heat setting’ for yarns and synthetic fibres such as nylon.

In the textiles industry, autoclaves …