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Dangers of Fake Marijuana

Fake medicines and substandard supplements are increasingly being distributed and consumed across the globe. This is partially due to thousands of unauthorised online pharmacies selling substandard medications, counterfeited pharmaceuticals and other fake drugs. It’s also partially related to consumers …


Portugal Medicinal Cannabis

Portugal Medicinal Cannabis Industry Statistics and Regional Cultivation Conditions (Recreational vs Medicinal Use)
What is the current status of the Portugal medical cannabis industry? And when it comes to selecting the best places in the world to grow medicinal cannabis, …

fake cannabis medications in australia

Counterfeit Medications | Global Statistics | Australia Risks

Counterfeit medicines — fake drugs and falsified medicines — are endangering lives.
How large is the problem of substandard medications and falsified pharmaceuticals? What are the global statistics of counterfeit medications entering countries across the globe?

And how many fake …

Number of medicinal cannabis prescriptions in Australia - how many prescribers

Oncology | Cannabis Medications for Treating Cancer Pain and Nausea

Oncology and Cannabis Medications | Potential Treatment Benefits
There’s a frequently referenced Oncology article from Dr Donald I. Adams that discusses using Cannabis Medications to treat cancer symptoms. The article reviews whether Oncologists should prescribe medicinal cannabis to their cancer …

Fibromyalgia Research medicinal marijuana treatments evidence base, Cochrane Reviews, Systematic Reviews

Fibromyalgia Research | Medicinal Cannabis | High THC Formulations

Fibromyalgia Research – does Medicinal Cannabis help?  
Are THC-rich cannabis medications effective for treating symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Find out why a new Dutch study supports further research into treating Fibromyalgia with high THC medical cannabis formulations. Reading time: 2.5 minutes.

Medical …

conferences-in-melbourne-forum-2019 Pharmaceutical

The Future of Pharma and Regulatory Changes | TGA | GMP

Future of Pharma: This page provides an overview of GMP & Engineering Forum and manufacturing industry networking events.  Click on the links below for information on the upcoming National GMP Forum and other industry-leading training options.
Register for the 2020 …

environmental impact of cannabis crops

Environmental Impact of Cannabis Cultivation

What are the environmental impacts of growing cannabis crops for medicinal use?
Power and water use, as well as the impact of pesticides being used on non-medicinal cannabis crops, will have an impact on environments across the globe.
What do cannabis …